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13 May–15 May, 2022


The Sawyer Seminar held a three-day international symposium in Tucson, Arizona with distinguished scholars in the field to discuss the relationship of the new populist movements to mutations in neoliberal capitalism.  Below is the program for the symposium. One panel (with Elizabeth Povinelli and Quinn Slobodian) was streamed live and appears on the seminar page.


Day One: Friday, May 13


Leerom Medovoi (English and Social, Cultural and Critical Theory, University of Arizona), Opening Remarks and Welcome


Zahid Chaudhary (English, Princeton University),  Reading Group Moderator


Elizabeth Povanelli (Anthropology, Columbia University), “The White Counter Reformation”


Quinn Slobodian (History, Wellesley College), “Zone Fever: On the Far Right’s Capitalism.”


Day Two: Saturday, May 14


Nikhil Singh (Social and Cultural Analysis, New York University), “Is this the End of Neoliberalism?”


Sandro Mezzadro (Political Theory, University of Bologna), “Transformations of Capitalism and Neoliberalism in the Pandemic Conjuncture


Lajwanti Chatani (Political Theory, University of Baroda), “The Convenient Marketplace of Democracy: Power, Populism and the People”


Eva Cherniavsky (English, University of Washington), “Immortality Is Not a Civil Right:” Self-interest, the Death Drive, and the State”


Day Three: Sunday, May 15


Luciana Chamorro Elizondo (Anthropology, University of Michigan), “Populist Theopolitics and the Economy of Love and Hate in post-revolutionary Nicaragua


Benjamin Arditi (Political Science, Universidad Nacional Autonóma de México), “From the Premise, ‘What is Populism?’ to ‘Is there such thing as Populism?’”